Paul Green's Plant Book:
An Alphabet of
Flowers and Folklore,

combines intimate color images of eastern US wildflowers, taken in North Carolina by photographer Betsy Green Moyer, with the writings of her late father, Paul Green, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Lost Colony and other symphonic outdoor dramas, and an amateur botanist.

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[ISBN # 1-889065-01-3]

Size: 7" x 9", 144 pages
Richly illustrated
Paul Green (1894-1981) grew up on a cotton farm in Lillington, North Carolina, where from a young age he learned the value of hard physical labor and the importance and beauty of literature and music.
During his long lifetime he never strayed far from his people nor far from his roots. Many of his writings, his novels, short stories, and his beloved Wordbook, reflect his love and reverence for all people and all life.
Meet the editors
Photographer Betsy Moyer
and botanist Ken Moore
prepare for a photographic
field trip, Chapel Hill, NC
Published by The Botanical Garden Foundation, Inc.
c/o North Carolina Botanical Garden
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3375

Book available from their web site,
or direct from the editor/photographer, Betsy Green Moyer, 978-369-1261 or
© Betsy G. Moyer